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The Rowdy Rascal

Our Cranky Crew

The Rowdy Rascal: Our Cranky Crew

Captain Fitz and the crew of the Rowdy Rascal are typically happy, fun, and quite fashionable. For some reason, today, they are all frumpy and grumpy! Jasper, Lark, and Cullen try to figure out what happened.

The Captain then said...
We are now, Mean, and Grumpy. This is just how our crew should be.
I've read all the rules and to be the best pirates, we must change many things. You will see.

Follow Jasper, Lark, and Cullen as they try to show the crew that being themselves is enough. Come meet all the fun and odd personalities aboard the Rowdy Rascal! Great read for social emotional learning.

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The Rowdy Rascal Math Game Coming

Join the entire Rowdy Rascal crew in their free educational game this Fall!

About the Author

Natasha Oliver has always loved to draw and create. Even when she went to college to major in math, her heart had her joining every art club she could find. After teaching high school math for several years, she realized that many of the kids still struggled with their basic facts. This led her to create her first math game. For her, it was the beginning of something amazing. Finally a way to combine her math and her art together. Now, having made over 125 math games, she is longing to expand the stories from her games into something more. She is ready to bring the small stories from her games to picture books and chapter books! Now kids can enjoy knowing more of the back story for some of the games they have been playing to learn their math!

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