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Welcome to the Town of MURB!

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The Streets of MURB

When you first arrive in Murb, you will be on Main Street. Here you will find 5 buildings to visit and many monsters to get to know: Chubz Diner, Phonz's Photo Place, Murb Dentistry, Monster Daycare, and Fun & Furry Salon. Each building shows a way you can help the monsters while reviewing your math facts. So, whether cooking at the diner or giving some great new hairstyles to the residents of Murb, there is plenty to do on Main Street.
Fun4theBrain Murb Main Street
Take the bus to First Avenue to find 4 more places to visit. Help Zany set up for a party at her house or play hide-and-go-seek with Edison a little farther down the street. Help Sasha with deliveries for the Murb grocery store, or build a dog house at Tory's Tools!
Fun4theBrain Murb Main Street
Second Avenue has a few more places to visit. Help out at the fundraiser for the Murb Library by washing cars with some of the residents. Monster Pets is trying to open soon and could use your help in stocking all the monster creatures in their homes. Sleepy lives at the end of this road and you can have fun bouncing on his bed while reviewing your math facts!
Fun4theBrain Murb Main Street
Third Avenue is home to the Murb Hospital, Murb Recycling Center, and the Murb Swamp. At the Murb Hospital, check patients' weight, temperature, and blood pressure, and then give them the right medicine and their favorite bandaid! The recycling machine is broken and they could use your help sorting the stuff coming in! And in the swamp, Muddy is trying to catch some frogs, snails, and fish. Sounds fun!
Fun4theBrain Murb Main Street
Fourth Avenue is where you can find Murb Optometry, Roger's Family Reunion, and Sammy's Surf Shop! So if you are in the mood to help the doctors figuring out eyeglass prescriptions, run a fun race with Roger and his family, or catch some waves with Sammy, this street is perfect for you!
Fun4theBrain Murb Main Street

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