Fun4theBrain Privacy Policy is a parent-created website that is intended to provide educational resources for kids to use under the guidance of their parents and teachers. We recognize that visitors to our site will include children younger than the age of 13("Children"). As required by The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), we provide this privacy policy to inform parents and legal guardians about our privacy practices.

The purpose of this page is to disclose the practices of in as much detail as possible and in everyday non-legal language so everything is as clear as possible. Additional questions should be directed to

I desire to keep this site completely free. In order to do that, there are advertisements on the site. Google Adsense is the platform used to deliver the ads. You can view their privacy policies here.

Fun4theBrain, and its third party service and content providers, may gather IP addresses, usage data, and other non-personal information for analytical purposes by means of cookies, beacons, and other technologies.

Some questions you may have:

Does Fun4theBrain collect any personal information from the children on the site?

No. Fun4theBrain does not collect information in any manner in which children or users could be identified. In the event of a contest, a parent must submit a form before the first name of a child will be shown on the site.

When you come to, what do we learn about you? 

When you arrive at, we do not know your name, where you live, or anything about you, nor do we have the necessary information to figure that out. We do use Google Analytics to study the visitation and usage behavior of our sites. This allows us to research which pages are frequented and how long people stay on the site. It also lets us know what city, state, and country people are coming from. But, none of this information is individualized to allow for further investigation that is not anonymous.

When there is a place to enter text, is it saved? 

In individual games, where text is entered, none of this information is stored outside of the game or after the game is closed. If the Contact Us form is used, the return email address will be communicated in the email, but this email is NOT immediately added to any mailing list.

How would my email account be used? 

E-mail addresses are never sold to any third parties nor are they automatically added to any mailing lists. Contents of e-mails may be used in testimonials or contest announcements in the form of first name, last initial and state and city of residence, but only after receiving approval from the sender. E-mail addresses from children will be deleted immediately after response.

Contest Privacy 

No money is ever given away on this site, but sometimes prizes can be won. Redemption of said prize requires no action and no payment by the winner. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to an e-mail address given by the Parent or Guardian with the contest entry.

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