My Nickelsburg - Money Matters for Kids!

Kids have fun in Nickelsburg while learning important lessons about money.

The award winning Kids Count financial literacy program for elementary students has now expanded to an online classroom, Nickelsburg! I have had the privilege of working with the great people at Kids Count to create the exciting town of Nickelsburg where kids can learn about money management while playing around the town. And, best of all, it is FREE!

Kids Count had decided that they were going in a different direction and decided to take the town of Nickelsburg down, but I knew you all would still enjoy it. So, I have worked it out so it will now be hosted by me! Nickelsburg had not changed, but it now has a new home, and a new name, I hope you all will head over there and check it out and have tons of fun4thebrain in Nickelsburg!

There are five modules in the program that each take around 10 - 15 minutes to complete. And there is an easy-to-use Teacher Panel that allows for easy set up of classes and monitoring of student's progress. Check out some of the great lessons that are included.

Click on any of the pictures, or the links below, to be taken to the Nickelsburg site to learn more about this awesome program.

Teacher - Go to Nickelsburg

Students - Go to Nickelsburg

Nickelsburg - Module 1

Goals & Priorities

Needs versus wants is discussed as well as planning short-term and long-term goals.

Nickelsburg - Module 2


In this module, students will start looking at personal budgets and evaluating the spending habits of kids in the town of Nickelsburg.

Nickelsburg - Module 3

Family Finances

This fun module takes students through the ways family budgets are effected by every day life. They are given a "free" puppy and get to see how "free" can quickly add up to $$$!

Nickelsburg - Module 4


Philanthropy is focused on in this module, giving students the chance to give of their time, talent or treasure in Nickelsburg. It also allows them to start thinking of ways they could give back in their own neighborhood.

Nickeslburg - Module 5

Banking Transactions

Students are introduced to checks, withdrawals, bank statements and other banking transactions throughout this module.

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